Category: Cashmere Plaid

Selection of pure cashmere blankets and covers for children.

Thanks to its almost twenty years of experience in the textiles industry, Antonietta Tessuti can supply its international clientele with plaids made of prestigious Pure Cashmere at stock prices.

This has been made possible by the continuous search for prestigious Cashmere fabrics, purchased from the best Italian manufacturers at stock prices. Finally, our Pure cashmere fabrics are finished with extra-fine merino wool by skilled Italian embroidery firms.

You can find the following in our selection of plaids:

PLAID MADE OF 100% TRAVEL CASHMERE: a size specifically designed to be as small as possible but which wraps around the body perfectly.

An ideal gift for frequent travellers; designed to make resting on planes, trains or ships comfortable. FROM € 120.00.



You can customise your plaid with embroidered initials: for a unique and prestigious gift.

The cost for each digit is € 20.00

Names/written up to 6 digits € 40.00

Names/written 7 digits or more  45.00

For your children, we have warm and soft Pure Cashmere covers in the following colours: powder pink, powder blue and ivory, finishing with extra-fine natural merino wool.

The cot size is priced at € 69.00 while the bed size is at € 129.00.

Pure cashmere has always been a natural, hypoallergenic and breathable yarn. It combines lightness and extreme warmth.

To pamper your children or for prestigious gifts.

All our plaids and covers are sold under our Italian Cashmere brand and they are supplied with anti-dust and anti-moths covers.


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