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The purchasing process is very simple.

Browse our website. Choose the fabrics you like and add them to your cart by clicking “add to list of favorite fabrics”.
You can select the size of the chosen fabrics in meters, by changing the “Quantity” field.  
When you have made your choice, in this section you can finalise your order, entering your details if you are not registered. You will immediately receive a message of confirmation, but the final amount and payment will be quantified after a FABRIC AVAILABILITY CHECK, done within 24 hours (except for days when the shop is closed).

Once the check has been made, we will send you an email with the final price with shipping costs and the request for payment according to your choice. After the payment, the shipment will take place.

Also, as per OSS regime of 1 July 2021, governed by art.74 sexies of Presidential Decree 633/72:

We inform you that sales made to private individuals from the European Union (EU) the VAT rate to be applied is that of the country of destination of the goods.
The prices on our website include italian VAT at 22%, but in our receipt mail with the final price, only the vat of the country of destination will be applied.

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